Island Sitters Inc. Terms and Conditions

Last updated Nov, 2017.

By using Island Sitters’ services Clients must undertake and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Island Sitters will refer sitters to the Client for consideration as a full-time, part-time, live in or out nanny or occasional sitter as applicable. Sitters are screened prior to their referral to the Client only to the extent that they meet Island Sitters Inc. criteria for a qualified sitter. The Client agrees to screen and interview sitters carefully to determine whether they meet the Client’s criteria and can fulfil the Client’s expectations. The client understands that they must carefully interview and screen the recommended sitter to determine their suitability.
  2. All fees payable to Island Sitters, including but not limited to the online referral/consultation and or placement fee, as agreed between the Client and Island Sitters, are payable upon referral and are separate and distinct from any fees payable to the sitter.
  3. Island Sitters may suggest to the client rates of pay for the recommended sitter based on the age, experience and going rates of the sitters.  The rate of pay for the sitter is negotiated and agreed between the Client and the sitter prior to the commencement of each job and are not the responsibility of the Island Sitters.
  4. Island Sitters is a referral service, and does not train, employ, or exercise control, authority or discretion over sitters referred to Clients. Island Sitters therefore disclaims any and all responsibility for any conduct or omissions of any sitter hired by the Client. Island Sitters is not responsible for losses or damages resulting directly or indirectly from the Client relationship with any Sitter. Island Sitters has no employment relationship with the sitters. 
  5. Clients must not refer their Sitter to any Third party without the knowledge of Island Sitters Inc.
  6. Clients are responsible for making sure their sitters are aware of any and all rules they want the sitter to follow, including but not limited to child allergies, safety concerns and hazards.
  7. This Agreement contains full and complete understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior arrangements and understanding whether written or oral appertaining to the subject matter of this Agreement and may not be varied except by an instrument in writing signed by all of the parties to this Agreement.
  8. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Barbados. Any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be resolved exclusively in an applicable Court of law within the jurisdiction of Barbados.