Pricing & Payment

Note: Latest Exchange Rates: 1 United States Dollar = 2 Barbadian Dollar

How does it work?

  • We charge a finder’s fee (Agency Fee) for each booking that you make.
  • The total cost of a job is determined on a case by case basis, depending on your specific requirements.
  • We charge a surplus for last minute bookings (when you need someone in 6 hours or less). We can also arrange a ‘meet and greet’ with a sitter, nanny or tutor for an additional cost. The sitter rates depend on the individual sitter/nanny/tutor and your requirements. The hourly (or weekly) fee is determined between you and your sitter/nanny/tutor.

Nanny Vs. Babysitter

At Island Sitters we differentiate between a Sitter and Nanny, because their responsibilities differ on a case by case basis.
Sitters are generally understood to take care of your children on a ‘one off’ basis (either during the day or at night), even though you may use the same Sitter repeatedly. Their hours can vary depending on your needs, and they’re usually ‘on call’ for last minute requests as well.
Nannies are typically given a set schedule and are hired on a part-time or full-time basis.

Babysitter/Short Term Nanny fees are as follows:

  • Placement fee of BDS $35 per booking
  • If you book more than one date at the same time, the additional booking(s) are BDS $20 per booking.
  • We ask for a minimum of 12 hours notice for any booking, any less will incur a BDS $20 rush fee.

Please note: there is a 3 hour minimum (i.e. if you are out for less than 3 hours, the sitter should still be paid for 3 hours worth of sitting) unless otherwise agreed.

Babysitter Pricing
less than 30 hours a week 30 or more hours a week
1-2 children BDS$20/hour BDS$15/hour
3 children BDS$25/hour BDs$20/hour
4+ children Two sitters at $20/hour each Two sitters at $15/hour each

Nanny Fees

Nanny fees are as follows:

  • Agency Fee of BDS $300
  • Our nanny placement fee includes a consultation, recruitment and follow up, with a 4 week trial period with your new nanny. If for some reason your nanny is not a good match for your family, we will help you find a replacement nanny free of charge.
  • The nanny’s hourly wage is BDS $15 per hour (depending on the number of children and the chores included in the role) As a full time employer, it is up to you whether you pay NIS, and this can be discussed with your Nanny before the job starts.
  • If you’d like to set up a Meet and Greet to go over the nanny’s qualifications in person and have your children meet them, we would be happy to accommodate. A Meet & Greet will incur an additional BDS$15 Agency Fee and a 1 hour minimum charge at $20/hour for the prospective Sitter/Nanny.

Tutor Fees

Tutor fees are as follows:

  • BDS $150 Placement Fee for the first 12 weeks
  • The hourly rates of our Tutors range from BDS $15-$30 per hour depending on the syllabus and the job. You determine this with the Sitter before the job and pay them after each shift.

House/Pet Sitter Fees

House/Pet Sitters fees are as follows:

  • Agency fee: BDS $35 Placement fee
Pet and House Sitting Pricing
Stop in visits. Responsibilities include: Live in responsibilities:
House Sitting $10-15/day (depending on chores required) $25/day (price negotiable for extended stays)
Pet Sitting $20-30/day (depending on needs of animals) $30/day (price negotiable for extended stays)
Combination of House + Pets $25-30/day (depending on needs of animals) $30/day (price negotiable for extended stays)

How can  I  pay?

All agency fees can be paid by cash or cheque to Island Sitters Inc. or can be paid in cash and given to the Nanny on their first day/week of work. All Nanny wages/salaries will be paid to the nanny directly, as agreed upon between you and the nanny.

I just need a couple of hours worth of sitting – is that OK?

We operate a 3 hour minimum charge so you are required to  pay your sitter for 3 hours even if you need them for less.

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