Are you interested in writing a guest post on anything related to children, parenting tips, travel and lifestyle?

Island Sitters is in the process of building an online community focused on educating, sharing and inspiring people about all things child and pet care related. We are looking for high-quality posts on childcare, parenting, health care, pet care, education and special needs. Our social media presence Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn reaches a very large, diverse audience throughout the Caribbean, Europe and North America. Our main target audience is female, between the ages of 25-40 years old.


We would like to invite you to write a guest post on our Island Sitters’ blog, discussing your area of interest/expertise. Whether your aim of this post would be to share some insight, raise awareness or start a discussion (or all three!) is up to you. Your post can be about something specific to Barbados, or it can keep our international audience up to date about something that is relevant to parents across the globe. Keep in mind that our posts aim to engage, educate, entertain and inspire those who read them.

All posts will be shared across all of our social media platforms and will be linked back to your personal platforms. If you don’t have a social media link for us, we can provide readers with other contact details should they wish to reach you.

Please follow the guidelines below to share your content on our blog. These steps are a basic outline, so please feel free to create something that suits your personal style. We ask that you send us a proposal first, and then a final post once we have reviewed your outline.

Create a headline

The title is the most important part of the post. It impacts sharing, clicks, and traffic. Please make sure your initial pitch includes a title that you think will resonate and drive clicks and interest.

Create an outline

This is critical to establish before you write the post. That way we can make sure that it is going to be a post that is relevant to the target audiences.

A post should have the following components, so please touch on each of these in your outline:

  • Headline
  • Hook or intro – How do you plan to get the readers interested? One sentence is enough.
  • The body of the post – This should be the bulk of the outline.  Please break this into subsections.  What are the different lessons or takeaways for the readers?  How will this add value and inspire our readers? Keep these key words in mind: engage, educate, entertain and inspire!
  • Conclusion – We love to see exercises or actions people can take, but any smart, thought-provoking conclusion can work.
  • Signature – This is where we will share info about you. Here you can write a short bio, link to your site, blog, Twitter, etc. Show everyone that you know what you’re talking about!
  • Images – Pictures are key for good posts. Images should be less than 500px wide, and you should have the rights to use them. Images should be .jpg or .png only (please no .gif files). And each image should have a title.
  • Once you’re ready, email your headline and outline it to us via our Contact form.

Wait for confirmation

Once your post is approved, we can agree on a deadline. Then it will be up to you to work your magic and finish up the post. We will review, suggest any edits, and then notify you of the publishing date. On the day of publishing, we will send you the relevant link so that you can feature and share it as well.

Extra tips

  • Please submit your post as a Word doc (Google doc is okay too)
  • Please don’t add backlinks to your site hidden in the post (unless it is linking to something relevant).
  • Please don’t use guest posts to advertise your products – those just come off as spammy and don’t resonate with our readers. Just share your great ideas and points, and keep links back to your site in your signature unless they’re super valuable to the post.
  • Readers love lists & ‘tip’ posts such as ’10 healthy meals your kids will love’ or ‘Training tips for hyperactive pets’.
  • Island Sitters uses a more casual ‘voice’ to engage with our readers, so feel free to do the same throughout your post.

In summary: we want to share your work and we want it to be awesome!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments, or if you would like to recommend someone you know for a featured post.

Please email us via our contact form with your details, a few topics that you would like to write about and links to your website and social media accounts.